The Introduction

In the given catalogue the generalised data on monuments and burial places of period I-й of world war in territory of the Kaliningrad region for the first time are presented 1914-1918.

The list of existing monuments and burial places of the period of I th world war, shined in more details, is far not full as the site of separate objects demands additional specification.

Lists are made on the basis of contemporary records, and also with assistance of the regional specialists of area giving materials from personal archives, taking part in an establishment of a site of monuments and burial places.

Thereupon it would be desirable to thank especially the Kaliningrad club of regional specialists and personally: archpriest Birjukova George, Gurov Sergey Aleksandrovicha, Kentja Vyacheslav Mihajlovicha, Laleko Alexey Leonidovicha, Nagornova Vyacheslav Petrovicha, Naprienko Tatyana Vasilevnu, Ovsjanova Avenir Petrovicha, Pahaljuka Konstantin Aleksandrovicha, Fesenko Anatoly Vasilevicha, Yanovsky Vladimir Ivanovicha, and many, many other things which have assisted in creation of the catalogue.

Structurally the material is presented as follows:

1.Burial places and monuments of the period of I th world war:

                   1. Burial places of Russian and German soldiers.

                   2. Monuments.

                   3. Memorable signs.

2. Burial places and monuments of the period to II th world and the Great Patriotic War:

                    1. Burial places of the Soviet soldiers.

                    2. Burial places of German soldiers.

                    3. Concentration camp.

                    4. Monuments.

                    5. Memorable signs.

Objects are distributed according to modern administrative-territorial division of the Kaliningrad region. Each section is anticipated the short historical inquiry on a course of operations in municipal union and each settlement. The sequence of objects is defined by the Russian alphabet under modern names of settlements (in city districts the first are followed by the centre of city district), and in the city of Kaliningrad — under names of streets. For data former names of settlements and streets in German are resulted.